This book sets out the what, why and how of coding. Experts have written chapters to create a stimulating book that can be read from cover to cover or taken one section at a time. This book has been written for a wide audience. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, academic or just interested in coding this book will have something to your liking.

There’s a chapter dedicated to the history of why do we need to code to set the scene and give more of an understanding of where we have come from. This provides a foundation that is always a good place to build from. But why do we need to code? Well ask some of the most influential businessmen and women around the world and their answers are clear. Its obvious, if you’re developing smartphone apps or running e-commerce platforms, then coding is essential. However most businesses deal with data such as customer details and websites, this is where basic knowledge of coding really sets you apart.

How to code can be an exciting journey and this book provides different examples of exploring the coding revolution through story, music, games, science and maths to name a few. The new ‘coding generation’ needs to adapt to the fast change of technology, developing their skills to code, design, interact, monitor and participate to the maximum in their every day lives. This book provides a start for the new coding generation focusing on the why, what and how.

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